TRI-CLAMP gaskets are used as a sealing element between two inox steel “clamp” fittings (called ferrules) closed by a collar without using bolts; in addition to that TRI-CLAMP are able to self-centre their position thanks to the half spherical form on both the surfaces of the gasket that match perfectly the carve of the two “ferrules”.

TRI-CLAMP are mostly used in the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry, both on laboratory and production sites; these application needs perfect cleaning, hygiene and sterilization; the possibility to clean and remove the gasket easily made the TRI-CLAMP the perfect solution for these peculiar applications.


- FLON-CHEM 1121: is a virgin “premium grade” PTFE classified for medical use following the legislation USP class VI at 121°C. Available even in the “envelope” solution with rubber inserts like EPDM, FLON-CHEM 1006 FKM and VMQ.
- FLON-CHEM 1050 BLUE: is a modified PTFE reinforced with cave glass microspheres. Thanks to its high elasticity and elastic return could reach the best adaptation possible even with low tightening torques..
- FLON-CHEM 1045 SILVER: is a special mix made by 50% virgin PTFE and 50% inox 316 spherical and passivated. These particular gaskets grant a higher stability and duration standard and are used when you need a lot of sterilization process (S.I.P.). Specifically designed for steam resistance and metal detectable!!
- FLON-CHEM 1086 DETEK: revolutionary virgin blue PTFE detectable by optical scanner, x rays, and metal detectors. X-ray detectable!!


All the materials listed above are compliant to the following certifications:
- US legislations : FDA, Food and Drug Administration, department of Health and Human Services, Code of Federal Regulations 21 CFR Ch.1; USA regulations sections 177.1550 (a) (1) and (b) Perfluorocarbon Resins;
- CE legislations: 1935/2004/CE 1895/2005/CE 10/2011/UE 2023/2006/UE (MOCA);
- Italian legislations : D.M. 21/03/1973 DPR 777/82.

In addition to that our FLON-CHEM 1121 have obtained the following certifications:
- USP Class VI @ 121°C according to USP<87> ed USP<88>;
- 3-A Sanitary Standard for Multiple-Use Plastic Materials – No. 20-27.


Following the dimensional standards and type of TRI-CLAMP gaskets available: