Seats for ball valves “trunnion type”

These kinds of seats are used in case of extreme temperature and pression.
They’re made of a metallic seat and a polymer internal part with the function of sealing the sphere.
The internal part material is chosen depending on the application of the ball valve itself (average temperature, temperature range, maximum pressure, number of daily open/close cycles, etc…).

The principal materials used for producing the polymer internal part are:
- FLON-CHEM 1002 PTFE + 25% carbographite;
- FLON-CHEM 1001 PTFE + 25% glass;
- FLON-CHEM 1075 Modified Premium grade PTFE;
- DYNEON TFM™1600;
- FLON-CHEM 1015 Modified PTFE + 25% glass;
- FLON-CHEM 2057 Modified PTFE + 25% carbosoft;
- PA6 + Mos2 (black);
- PEEK virgin;
- PEEK PVX (black);
Other materials to be added on customer request

FF.GI Srl can furnish the internal part only (up to 36” diameter), or the polymer intern + pressing the internal part in the metallic one + final rework (up to 12” diameter).