Sealing for aseptic valves

FF.GI Srl during the years have built up a strong collaboration with the most important companies of the stainless-steel ball valves sector, working in pharmaceutical, sanitary and food industries and others sector where the most aseptic environment is required.

The main materials implied in these applications are the virgin premium grade PTFE FLON-CHEM 1121, the DYNEON TFM™ 1600/ TFM™ 1705 and the new premium grade modified PTFE FLON-CHEM 1075 all these materials could grant all the physical and mechanical features needed, like:
- Maximum density and molecular structure homogeneity
- Low permeability and high elasticity
- High chemical resistance
- Remarkable thermic excursion (-200 +260°C)
- Resistance to steam and sterilization process CIP/SIP

All the materials used complies to the principal legislations:
- USP CLASS VI <87><88> 121°c compliance;
- 3-A Sanitary version 20-27;
- Food contact compliance - MOCA/FCMs: FDA 21 cfr. § 177.1550; Regulation 1935/2004-CE; Regulation 10/2011-UE; D.M. 21/03/1973
(S.O. GU n. 104 del 20/04/1973) e D.P.R. n.777 del 23/08/1982.

Between the main products realized for this sector FF.GI srl produces:
- Standard seats and shell seats for ball valves
- Elastic membranes and sealing bellows for bottom and sampling valves