In the gasket world people are always trying to figure out to solve the sealing problems on the glass lined surfaces, up to now a qualified and expensive external staff had to stop the machine for hours in order to make regular intervention to assist and do the shimming process to re-wide the gasket and cover the deformation happened during the production process, usually with a material sprayed directly into the envelope gasket or with additional pieces of asbestos free material.

FF.GI. thanks to his research and the spirit to help their costumer at his best have introduced the PTFE envelope gaskets with ECOSILC insert, an asbestos free bio-soluble fibre, with a great resistance at high temperatures and thermal shocks but first of all an extraordinary capability of adaptation that can prevent every kind of shimming intervention even on the biggest glass lined reactors.

Thanks to this solution FF.GI. is capable to technically renew his range of products with a clever look to the environment and the always more demanding needs for a green and sustainable economy, that's because ECOSILC bio-soluble and eco-sustainable substitute completely our ceramic fibre inserts used until now.