PTFE bellows

FF.GI Srl produces bellows and membranes in virgin PTFE FLON-CHEM 1121 or modified premium grade FLON-CHEM 1075 perfect for food application that complies with the main regulations both European and international.

All the material used in our bellows complies with the following certifications:
- US legislation: FDA, Food and Drug Administration, department of Health and Human Services, Code of Federal Regulations 21 CFR Ch.1; USA regulations sections 177.1550 (a) (1) and (b) Perfluorocarbon Resins;
- CE legislation : 1935/2004/CE (MOCA) 1895/2005/CE 10/2011/UE 2023/2006/UE;
- Italian legislation: D.M. 21/03/1973 DPR 777/82.
- ADI Free: Declaration that affirm that the materials aren’t made of animal parts (ADI) and so that are free from BSE / TSE (bovine sponge encephalitis / transmittable sponge encephalitis) related to origin, production and treatment.
- USP Class VI @ 121°C according to USP<87> ed USP<88>;

In addition to these certifications the FLON-CHEM 1121 obtained also:
- 3-A Sanitary Standard for Multiple-Use Plastic Materials – No. 20-27.

Our production phases are respectful of the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines from the CE 2023/2006. More information are included in the Quality/Certificates part of this site.