PTFE expansion joints for high pressures

PTFE expansion joints for high pressures are usually thought for absorbing vibrations and expansions, a quite common situation on the pipes because of differences of temperatures, pressures or external movements and the weight of the pipes itself. Where the values of forces and movements overtake the acceptable values it’s necessary to use the expansion joints that allows to absorb expansions and vibrations in excess.

FF.GI Srl can provide PTFE expansion joints with reinforced waves (from 1 to 5 waves) both with DN (EN 1092-1) flanges or with inch flanges (ASME B 16.5) and with 2 or 3 limitation depending on diameters.

PTFE part could be made in virgin FLON-CHEM 1000 PTFE, modified FLON-CHEM 1075 PTFE or antistatic FLON-CHEM1022/1023 PTFE for ATEX environment.

In addition to that our PTFE expansion joints with reinforcement rings complies to the legislation for the pressure equipment (PED) 2014/65 / UE.