PTFE spring energized lip seals

Spring energized lip seals are composed by a virgin/charged PTFE structure with a spring in stainless steel INOX 302 or in exotic alloy (Elgiloy® is the most common), with energized function; the spring could be both helical and “V” section according to the type of seal.
Available even on customer design with special silhouettes, could have a static sealing function or a dynamic one.

For further information you could call the FF.GI. Srl customer service.

Most common materials:
FLON-CHEM 1002 PTFE + 25% carbographite;
FLON-CHEM 1040 PTFE + 40% bronze;
FLON-CHEM 1001 PTFE + 25% glass;
FLON-CHEM 1001M PTFE + 15% glass + 5%Mos2;
FLON-CHEM 1045 PTFE + 50% stainless steel;
FLON-CHEM 1100J PTFE + polyimide;
FLON-CHEM 1000 virgin PTFE;
FLON-CHEM 1075 modified PTFE;

Other materials are available on customer request.