Dimpled PTFE

Thanks to its peculiar form of the surfaces, these sheets are employed in the building industry. The expanded part in PTFE is the perfect solution to avoid the thermic expansion or the weight problems that can occur during a building construction.
The most common use of the dimpled PTFE sheets is the bridge building, they find their application between two moving parts as an auto lubricant joint; considering the delicacy of the applications the quality standards and the international homologations are fundamental as much as the raw materials chosen. Our dimpled PTFE sheets complies to the regulation EN 1337-2.

Advantages in using PTFE supports:
- Low friction coefficients
- Corrosion resistance
- Temperature resistance
- No maintenance needed
- Low deformation standards
- Non adhesive properties
- Vibration absorption;

Available dimensions:
- 1000x1000 sheet sp.4,5 / 5,0 / 5,5mm
- 1200x1200 sheet sp. 5,0 / 5,5 / 6,0mm

Special dimensions and silhouettes are available on customer request.
Possibility to be furnished also cemented.