• 2009-12-02
    Pharmaceutical area: available 3A version 20-25 and USP class IV (70°c and 121°c) new certification
  • 2009-09-28
    Obtained certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2008
  • 2009-09-07
    Enveloped gasket completely covered by PTFE
  • 2009-09-01
    A new website for FF.GI.

Company Profile

  • Turned and milled product at drawing
  • Flat gaskets for static seal
  • IPTFE compensators (bellows)
  • O-rings covered in fep in FEP
  • Welding, calendaring and covering in PTFE
  • Guarnizioni per raccordi CLAMP, DIN e CAMLOCK
  • Component valves
  • Sealing rings and guide rings

We are a flexible and dynamic company since 30 years in turned and milled finished plastics products:

PTFE – PTFE filled – TFM® 1600 – TFM® 4105 – PA6 – PA12 – PA6.6 – PA6XAU – POM – PP – PE PEUHMW – PVC – PCTFE (KELF®) – PEEK® - DEVOLN® - PPS – VESPEL®- PET – PC - ETC….

All raw materials that we use, are supplied by the principal National and International producers, they are totally conformed and approved by the most restrictive rules existing actually.

We have a modern work-shop complete with lathes / mill CNC work station until 5axis, computerized systems CAD-CAM, for a quick product planning and to guarantee the highest respect of tolerance size on details. We are able to produce small and medium quantities, from little dimensions to maximum 1100mm.

We have also a modern and equipped area in which we produce all “special” works: water-jet cutting, welding of PTFE until 5mm thickness, calendaring envelope gaskets and bellows; trenching, etc…..